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Kiernan Doyle

Creatus mean to be created from. Here's a little about the process I create from and the experience that got me here.

I double-majored in Editing, Writing, and Media, and Media Production at the Florida State University. I have worked on various aspects of Production and Graphic Design. Most notably, I currently work as the Social Media Manager for the popular podcast, Pints With Aquinas.

I spent the two years after school as part of Life Teen Missions- a mission I am passionate about. During my time with Life Teen, I was able to manage and upkeep several of their instagram and twitter accounts. On top of my work with Life Teen, I continued to pursue some freelance projects and creative design opportunities- most notably building sets and environments for Summer Camp experiences.

My creative approach—no matter the medium— is to convey the voice, message, and feel of the brand that I am working with. I like to incorporate aspects of the culture surrounding the particular individual, company, or product I am promoting to speak to the experience of their primary audience. I like to bring into the context the current interests and lifestyle of those whom we are trying in particular to reach. Collaboration is so important. I love being able to invite my clients into the creative experience and pull from what they know and love best- their project, brand, or company.

For me, creativity, collaboration, and creation are all part of a process to bring things of truth, beauty, and goodness into a world that so desperately craves it. To make something that captivates an audience establishes your brand as something they want to revisit is always the goal.

Create with us and see what life comes from our ideas.